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Hello Anduo Games !

First of all, i'm really happy to see how much your game is becoming bette and better ! I've downloaded the new version on my computer but i didn't get the time to see all the new things tout have implemented. So I downloaded it on my phone (Wiko from 2015 powered by Android 5.1.1) but the apk file isn't working. I can download the game,but it juste can't iinstall... I had this problem like few months ago and tried to find a solution (and still looking for one) but i have no idea how to fixe this... 

So if you could help me just a little to find a solution that would be awesome, because i really like all the things you're doing for this game that i'm keen on !

Sincerely !

P.S. : sorry if i've made some english mistakes, i'm french 😅

Hey there!

Thanks alot! We're glad you like it!

Can you explain in a little more detail where your problem is exactly? Is there no install button? Is there maybe even an error message? That would help us alot, thanks!

well the exact problem is that, after downloading the game APK, i click on the "install" button, the game tries to install, but after severals seconds, i have a message that says "Application not installed." and... That's it. Even if i try again, i'ts not installing. And i'd like to specify that i agreed my phone to download apk and non certified apps.

Hmm, thanks alot for the details! Sadly we haven't heard of that one. Can you check if there's maybe an old version of Third Crisis already installed that you can uninstall?

well the only version i have on my phone is the last one. I've already uninstalled the previous versions that weren't installing...