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For a game that aims to mimic a MMO. It does exactly that. The wide range of systems this game has is definitely intimidating to a new player, but to me, that is exactly how a traditional MMO has always felt. Despite that, the game does hold your hand through these systems IF you wish it to and at your own pace. The use of the in-game chat was a brilliant way of introducing a new player (a comical performance is also included).

I wish there was easier access to areas at the start though. As a level 1, I would run off to explore the world before things quickly turn dangerous and suffer many deaths. Requiring me to grind out more levels before moving on. The world is also full of secrets that have been really fun to figure out and it just keeps surprising me. Despite wishing some things were more obvious, such as portals.  Though once you figure it out it all becomes natural.

Sm4R's demo so far has involved me playing multiple play sessions. You can't see it all within a few hours and there's plenty of content in here that puts some console games to shame. Keep up the amazing work!