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I can honestly say that I have never actually played any RPG Maker games before so this was my first--and I'm glad it was! I found the story interesting, especially with the shifting perspectives. I am a huge fan of visual novels, so I look forward to seeing that implemented in the game. Overall, I liked it! Rated 5 stars. ⋆  And best of luck to you! ❤ I am patiently waiting for the second act.

PS: I romanced Killian and Icarus and they were cute in their own way. I would have went for Kuro too but he wasn't interested, oh well.  He's good friend so I'll take what I can get.

i am so glad you enjoyed yourself caelestys :) i have plans to incorporate a lot more VN elements into the game. The whole scene where the  characters introduced themselves as well as the voting section will be VN in the final release :)

Thank you so much for the vote!