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AHH I'm so glad you got the ending and enjoyed the visuals!! : D We really wanted to make a twist on the standard grimy horror RPG games and turn it into something visually aesthetic, which was quite a challenge. Also thanks for the feedback! The clarity of the initial tutorial is definitely something we need to change, especially to differentiate between double clicking and clicking the item then the environment. We would really like to explore the story further and update the game after the contest as well :>


I think you guys succeeded! It is visually pleasing, and one reason Everbloom caught my eye was the nice art.  But I stayed because the world and the story was interesting. It's also interesting to learn that the Main Character, Aster, is a coward. I want to know more about what he's running away from, what is it in the past that he's trying to leave behind, and more about the world of Everbloom. Not just more about the disease, but the characters + the world itself. Why did the world turn its back to the village? What is Aster's and Iris' significance to the flower disease? Etc.! The more I play, the more questions I get (even if we learn more information!). I like that about Everbloom. It makes one curious, and makes one think to try to speculate what happened and such.  (I hope you don't mind the constant messages! I just liked it a lot! ; w ; ) Congratulations to the Everbloom team! And good luck with the contest! (Also yeah! I think a little more clarification for how to use items would help a lot!) I'm excited + looking forward to the final game!