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Hello, I have just played and finished the Sang: The Desert Blade Demo and enjoyed it very much and I look forwards to playing the full release. However, there are a few critiques I have for it though.

1. Now I play games with a controller as I am not very comfortable using a mouse and keyboard due to how spread out the buttons are and I always have to look down to be sure I press the right button as a result. I'm far better with a controller due to the buttons not being spread out and I know exactly where they are. While I'm thankful the demo works fine enough with a controller, the button prompts in the demo were only matched to the mouse and keyboard with nothing for the controller and because of that I did not know which prompt worked for which button on the controller. There were also certain actions I could only carry out properly with the controller and I could only do it with the mouse and keyboard which was the the items menu and the menu for the Alter where you can spend Soul Points to level up and regain health. Another one was that while with some things like talking with NPCs and interacting with certain objects like pulling levers, entering and exiting rooms, reading those books and other things, whenever I found a chest with an item inside for some reason it refused to open the chest when I used the controller and I could only open it with the keyboard. But since this is a demo and not the final game, I'll give it a pass for now though as I'm certain it will be ironed out eventually. Just so you know I used an Xbox Series X Turtle Beach Recon Controller when playing the game.

2. Another issue was that I lost track of where I was in the section of the dungeon that was very dark so the addition of a map would be nice too or is there one planned for the final release or is there one in the game and I'm just not yet aware of it?

3. Now this is not really an issue with the game itself and more that I just do not know how to save the game or I'm unsure if you even can save the game. Can you save the game and if so where? I tried looking in the pause menu and I did not find anything that let you save it or does the game save automatically or is it The Alters you save at? I played a bit of the game yesterday and reached one of those alters but when I opened it again I could not find a Continue option.

That's all the critiques that I have for now. I'll probably share more if I can remember anymore. I'm definitely going to play more of the demo to see if I can find anymore issues that need ironing out.

Other than that besides some things needing to be ironed out, there is not really a whole lot of problems with the game and is near perfection with what you already have with it in my opinion.

Thanks for playing the game!

1. Controller is not officialy supported yet, but I'm working on it and making sure it feels good.

2. There will be no map in the game, I'll try making sure each rooms is more different and that there's more landmarks.

3.This version of the game only saves if you beat the demo so you can continue into ng+ of the demo. Next version will have a proper continue button.

Thank's again!