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It is very good to see a player who is vocal of their appreciation of the story. 

You would find Smiles Incorporated very interesting most likely.

you make some of the best games just can you make a game about like um hmm let me think for a second

how about a game about all your characters you have made and make it were they have to go and an adventure so they can save their games and worlds

I hope you take this in consideration and try it out but please comment or message me if you would like to talk or try my game i am giving this advice cause i don't know how to make my own game so i try to give my ideas to other people so i can see my ideas turned into real games and not just some idea or drawing 

p.s. you can take all the credit if you do make this game and i am sorry if you don't like this game idea and i am sorry if this was to long but i hope you liked my idea

What you are suggesting is not far removed from what happens at various points in the story. But yes all the games are already connected.

oh wow okay didn't know that but thx 4 telling me :)