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I started putting in what I call my "dev gui" for the build just to make sure everything is working. I recently had a problem where everything worked in the editor, but there were problems with the build, so I stuck in a bunch of Debug.Log for while I was running in the editor, and I also had it write it to a gui in world space but outside of camera view, then I just did a keypress listener to move that gui in and out of the camera view. I found the problem lickety split. So now I use it all the time. It's not the ideal solution, but it less time consuming than digging thru the app data to find the problem


It is really demented that Unity doesn't have a built-in dev console accessible in builds. This isn't the kind of thing that should need to be hacked together by the end-user, it's an industry standard feature.

I guess there is some third party stuff but this was quicker