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First of all, I think this is a great game and I would support it if I had pay-pal. I don't, but should you ever sell it in a way I can easier pay for it, I would. As for now, all I can do is give you some hints that I hope help.

I like the idea of this game. It's easy enough to understand that you are immediately hooked in, but you also need to develop some strategy and also there seem to always be new things (cards and enemies) to discover, so that you are immediately hooked. At least I was, it's kind of addicting. 

In the game you need both luck and a strategy, which I quite like. You will get father and be better if you have a good strategy- cards  and abilities that work well together and an idea what to use when (or against which enemy). However, there is also a heavy portion of luck in there. If you have good luck you can get far while playing bad, but if you have bad luck even with a good strategy you might fail. Personally, I would have maybe liked a bit less luck, but that is different for anybody and complaining on a very high level. In the end due to all the special abilities the strategy is very important.

I like how it is built up. That you don't have a list of enemies anywhere, but you figure out while playing who is there and how to best defeat them. The same goes for the imaginary friends. (Though I have unlocked only some friends and only ever used one, because either this friend is much more powerful that the others I have unlocked or it just works with my strategy better.)  And also for cards. I love that you can get some cards only from enemies- I love the stealing. 

The story around it is cute. And that it has animation and good graphics despite actually being a card game is great.

Despite this game being great, there are some bugs. (It is beta overall and I hope it helps for the final version if I point out what I have noticed.):

In the higher levels I sometimes had problems with how my card showed. One card would suddenly be bigger or out of place, covering another card or being covered by another card. This card often didn't let itself be played, but for some reason I could still lock it with my imaginary friend (so it reacted to a certain degree). Even if I didn't lock it, it stayed in the game including the confusing display, even after I drew new cards.  Refreshing the browser usually fixed the problem, but sometimes led to another one (that I will describe in to paragraphs).

On some levels the game kind of lagged. The enemies would just keep attacking, even though it was my turn (and I wasn't paralyzed or anything). Once that happened until I was dead with no chance for me to use my on-my-knees-ability (though maybe that was blocked, I am not sure) and twice they just kept attacking beyond my death and the game went into a loop. I tried refreshing the browser there, but they kept attacking after my refreshing and the only difference was that I had more will shortly.

To the refreshing problem: As I said, when it lagged I refreshed my browser. And sometimes that led to my suddenly having more will than before I refreshed (even at the times where I wasn't attacked, so it's not just a little time back). It might also be that only the number it showed me was wrong and I didn't have that much will. I didn't look at that.

The "Try again at that floor"-Stone Thing: So I had this stones and the giant offered me another try, but I refused, because I died at a lower floor and wanted to save it as the game suggested. However, the next round I wanted to use it, but the Giant didn't offer. I thought I had lost it. Then some rounds later when I didn't think about it, I again got the offer at a low floor. Is this a lag in the game, or is the offer purposefully random, or are there other rules? If it's not a bug, a better description would be nice, otherwise: There is a bug.

And not a bug, but another point where I think the game could be improved: I think there could either be more of those "try again stones" to be found or maybe another possibility to start at a later floor. (Like stones that you can purposefully place somewhere you currently stand as a turn, so that you can start exactly there the next time. Or a thing that you can start 5 levels or so below your current death-level) I understand the game is built around playing several times- you also get these gifts and souvenirs that you can also use later, but it's sometimes annoying to nearly always start from the beginning. I'm not saying never do it, just maybe not so much.

Now it sounds as if I was mainly complaining. But I only meant to give some hints to lags and a suggesting, in general - as I said before- the game is really good and once the bugs are fixed will be great. I enjoyed playing it and would be willing to support it or buy the finished product if I had the means to do so. (I can do e-bankning, but not paypal)

Thanks for all your work that surely went into this game and for releasing this version here for us to enjoy!

Thank you very much for this detailed comments ! It's encouraging. Here are some answer :

I'm working on reducing luck. You won't re-draw all your cards each turn but you will keep your hand (draw only cards to complete your hand), so you can be prepared for next turns easier. And I plan to reduce luck due to random enemy position.

- bugs : first time I hear about the card "stuck out of place" ! Annoying :( (do you remember which card ? a special action like "sword dance" I guess). About the "enemy keep attacking" bug, are you sure you wasn't petrify (turn grey), or do you remember the enemy you was facing (maybe a trap) ?

- "try again stones" : you are right, I need to improve the way you can retry on higher level. Letting the player put a "check point" where he want, once in a run, can be a very good idea !

Now I'm working on two previous "chapter" shorter and easier than the current one. In order to make the beginning of the game more "friendly" and less repetitive. I'm also working on some kind of "puzzle game" mode / more story scenes about the girl past / many other gameplay improvements...

So thank very much for your comments, it helps keep working and keep fighting bugs !

Stuck card: It wasn't a special card. I think it happened with will once and with steal once. Cards that worked fine before. (Also now the game continues maybe it wasn't a higher level- the game goes longer than I thought- it happened after fire demons came in. But that could be an accident.)
The enemy keep attacking: The one where I died, there might have been an enemy that petrified and I overlooked him- though I didn't change colours. The ones where the enemies kept attacking I had more time to check and there wasn't anyone who should have caused that. Especially since it went on until I refreshed the browser and then stopped. I am not sure anymore which levels and enimies it was, but I think once there were cats arrow cats, the sword dance cats, the minotaurs in both sizes, the scythe cats, some weeping and normal (maybe with armors or mirrors) sceletons, maybe the rock-throughing eye. But I'm not sure anymore. I can't remember the levels either, I didn't think about immediately noting it then, just about I-need0-to-get-this-to-stop-and-get-father.

Your new ideas sound great, I wish you all success!