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Stuck card: It wasn't a special card. I think it happened with will once and with steal once. Cards that worked fine before. (Also now the game continues maybe it wasn't a higher level- the game goes longer than I thought- it happened after fire demons came in. But that could be an accident.)
The enemy keep attacking: The one where I died, there might have been an enemy that petrified and I overlooked him- though I didn't change colours. The ones where the enemies kept attacking I had more time to check and there wasn't anyone who should have caused that. Especially since it went on until I refreshed the browser and then stopped. I am not sure anymore which levels and enimies it was, but I think once there were cats arrow cats, the sword dance cats, the minotaurs in both sizes, the scythe cats, some weeping and normal (maybe with armors or mirrors) sceletons, maybe the rock-throughing eye. But I'm not sure anymore. I can't remember the levels either, I didn't think about immediately noting it then, just about I-need0-to-get-this-to-stop-and-get-father.

Your new ideas sound great, I wish you all success!