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The physics are probably some of the least functional I've seen in a game like this. So many operations (grinding and jumping direction) are based on momentum rather than input, but the momentum is so slippery and difficult to control that I find myself doing things I don't want to be doing. It feels more like I'm just slightly influencing the movement, say, a ball bearing, rather than controlling an actual character.

The camera feels a little sluggish, but it's honestly not a huge deal. I just wish it was snappier, and not overly smoothed like it seems to be right now.

Aside from my gripes above, I like the art direction and overall style of the game. It's a very pretty visual style. This game seems like it has potential, but the control issues are giving it a hard time.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah what you describe about the physics is pretty much what I want, inputs influence physics instead of directly the character, kind of like Monkey ball in a lesser degree. However you dislike it while I like it...
About the camera, since I prefer this kind of smoothing I suppose everybody will have different opinion, so I'll just add an option to increase or decrease smoothness in the options later.
I might be copy pasting this a bit, but since I went through the trouble of making it to answer people about the controls, please take a look at this video. We might not agree and it's totally fine, but I won't ignore your opinions neither, knowing you feel this way helps, so thank you. ;)