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This game is pretty awesome! I think my favorite area was the club. To me the other areas, with the all black backgrounds and minimal terrain detail, felt more empty than dream-like. More the outside of the club than the Gold Pig's VIP room. But I thought the aesthetics of the fights were really unique, a really cool mix of 3D and retro graphics with the ATM fight. But overall I thought all the fights were awesome, I liked the dialogue, and the music is definitely a strong suit for the game. If you guys ever decided to do a kickstarter or gofundme I'd definitely throw some cash at it. I really think this game is something special and I would absolutely play a full version.

Awesome to hear!
We will most likely not do a kickstarter, if we do this game its because we think there is a audience that wants this and focus on getting the game done rather than a presentation page :)