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Beautiful game! I really enjoyed the first and last scene especially. Love that you left things open and unending yet did add changes to the environment so it felt more dynamic and personal to our choices instead of being a passive experience. I played through it then went back to each scene to talk about my interpretations of them and like others said, it was just really interesting!

The only issues I had were the game crashed as I reached the end of the last scene. It didn't after I relaunched. Also, there was an issue only in the menu screen where my cursor was showing to me in a different location than it was registering and capturing in the game and it made it hard for me to click on the menu options. 

I had to hover the cursor about an inch to the right and a little up from the item I wanted to click. Not sure if that was a build issue or something funky with my setup. Regardless, good job to you guys and good luck with future games!