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Its more that my arts of cg nature suck XD SweetChiel I know how to codes. But the cg and sprites are whats bugging me currently. -.-

Aaah! Sorry I got confused there x'D

Then you're doing great! I had a headache when I was configuring the CG gallery for the first time so I just assumed x'D but you're doing great! There's no rush for the CGs, I think you should take your time looking for pose references via real life photos or from a comic book and start from there :'3 for the background, you can cheat a little by blurring it *cough* or use your ingame background and set it to accomodate the CG! (You know, zoom it in and use transform to adjust the angle, lightning, etc...) I often use this techinque to save time ><


-.- And im working with a concept that i have to alter story lines since its a fangame


Norse Myth


Murder Mystery

King Henry

-.- Those are hints lmao xD a specific actor that i love has to do with these categories. x3

Also thanks for the tip though x3 Halps