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What I've found so far:

  • Ladder-blocks let you move up and down
  • Clouds let you build sideways
  • Hitting the bell reveals hidden parts of the map, which the eagle does as well when it shows up
  • Placing any block in the top row creates fire, which burns any block you place on it except ladders, which it climbs
  • Fire transfers from map to map, and destroys blocks when you move up and down between maps
  • Whatever block you reach at the top/bottom of a map will have a ladder above/below it. Until you go to the next screen, it isn't generated. That means you can dig unlimited ladders out of the bottom of the screen.

Not figured out yet:

  • You can collect black dots, not clear what they do or if the game keeps track of how many
  • A worm sometimes appears from the side of a block. Unclear what it does
  • A line circles around the screen cyclically. There is a rumor that it reveals some information
  • Going in different directions doesn't seem to reveal anything new, other than more underground/sky

this is all very accurate!

i will answer any of the "not figured out" questions you'd like, though i don't want to spoil it if you're getting something out of working them out on your own.

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Oh please do! I spent a few hours and reached the limits of my intelligence creating the list above.

Edit: especially if you can reveal what the colors around the edge mean. Someone else on here posted that they have some significance.

Heya, I would still be interested in the explanation of the dots, worms, and line around the screen if you're still up to share.