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Hey WobblyFootGamer!

We have posted the controls here on the information box (You can see them also in the options menu inside the game).  If you press "E" the character will perform a windstrike, and you will be able to open doors, activate switches and solve puzzles. Tip: when you perform an omnidash, you are also performing a windstrike on the opposite direction of the player movement. If in the future you need to glide, use W ;)

 Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the reply,

I did read the instructions and use the key combinations and this video is from my second play. On my first play I got stuck at the first switch but I will gladly play Nameless Tower again. You guys have done a great job so it could be that my crappy keyboard just doesn't have the balls to play.

I'll have a third play tomorrow on my main box and record it but overall, you've done a great job.