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Thanks :D
I see you had trouble with the quit to main menu button. It enables the actual red quit to menu button next to it. Like a safety switch. Sorry it was confusing.
Anyway, thanks for having a look. It seemed like you were starting to make progress :)

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ok! this game crazy but good need refresh for bug! 

Yeah, it's a bit crazy :D
I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "need refresh for bug!"
Did you find a bug?

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GOOD GAME TO PLAY BUT SOME BUGS MAKE A STRONGER PO STRENGHT EXPERIENCE YOU MUST make light jumps in a balanced way while you play ,,,, this as I sensed

Yes, players need to be careful because small jumps are heavy, and big jumps are light.
Jump energy changes over 0.5 seconds, from small and heavy (tap), to big and light (hold). Careful timing is needed to get medium jumps.
I want the effect to feel like jumping is heavy, but if a player jumps with enough energy for a big jump they break through gravity, like they are in low gravity.
Yes, it is unusual, and it might be hard to get used to.
I think it's an interesting effect. Different. Not realistic. Like jumping in a dream :)