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I hate that my college budget won't get me a computer that can't play and record this game at the same time comfortably. I saw this game while browsing and the title is what piqued my interest but the art, the sound, and the Easter Eggs inside made it a wonderful experience that surpassed my expectations. I may not be able to record this game enough to justify it but I can say this has to be one of the best games I have played in quite a while. My opinion doesn't matter I'm just some dude online that likes to play video games and make videos. But if you are reading the comments to find out if this game is worth a play, IT IS! I would highly recommend this game to anyone that has a deep respect for creators that put a lot of effort into what they make.  I can't wait to see what else you add, and I will be waiting patiently for the full release.

Thank you very much for supporting  us. Your support drives us and fuels our desire to create the best game we can!