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I really hope you don't mind but I had to play this game and make a video over it. It was just way to wholesome to pass up. I couldn't resist the urge to boop and hug my way through this game. The art, the animation, and the music just melt my heart. This game is just to cute 10/10 would love and care for these kittens.

This game was great! I really loved everything about it! The art the music the setting, it all worked so well! It was a really good time and I cant wait for episode two of midnight scenes! 

I found this game to be adorable in a delightfully morbid kinda way. It was cute and fun and brought back lots of memories. Thank you for the chance to play this game!

This was a really cool and weird game, i don't think I got the chance to complete it but I gave it a shot and was really happy with what I played. I may come back and do a complete play through of it if I can.

I am a big fan of the puppet master series so of course when I saw this I jumped at the chance to play this game! My friends and I went in and played around and it was tons of fun!

It was a really cool game, I loved playing it! So as promised here's the video, If you want to skip ahead to Bongo cat its the second game, Around 10:07 

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THIS GAME IS JUST WAY TO CUTE! I hope you don't mind but I show cased it in a video for my YouTube channel. After its edited and uploaded I will link it.

I love this community, want to keep doing videos because of you guys and your support! So I planed on doing a live stream here soon on the 13th of October. If I can get it working then I will be playing Viktor's Advanced during it. Untill then heres another video I did, with something new to go along with it!

I have been playing this game for the past week and it doesn't get any easier. But I dont hate it cause I enjoy the challenge. I hate to say it but Viktor is actually starting to scare me with his *step step drag* bit. The sound of him getting closer just raises my heart rate. I thought I could get past the first level in the latest episode but it didn't go that well. Skele - bro er Mr. Cleany-Clean the janitor, threw me right into Viktor...again.

Normally I don't like getting help, but seeing as I am in unfamiliar territory I am very grateful for the time you put in to this to assist me. I have read and re-read your advice and I have watched your video. I will be crediting your channel in the description and well as the map I will use.  I am thankful for your efforts in helping me power through this, keep an eye out for the next video. I may have to break my schedule and upload it on a weekend but my work life is changing and I need to adapt. Best wishes mates and let's play some video games!

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So I went ahead and played again for today's video, I got 5 notebooks in before chef found me, I kept getting lost in the school house. does it change or is it static every time I play? I wanna draw out a map cause it was a suggested tip.

Thanks for the wishes mate, I hope my charm and wit can help me get through. If not I will have to keep running in until I figure it out!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I cant wait to learn more about the story of this game.

Heyo, I just played Advanced Basics with Viktor for the first time a couple hours ago and I have to say it was amazing. I loved the feeling of terror ever present after failing the first notebook. I didn't get very far after that and the jump scare caught me off guard. I planed on playing this for a YouTube series and now I am dead set on picking through and finding the story here if there is one.  You have made an amazing game mrdrnose and I cant wait to play more.

I may be abit late but I felt I had to say something. Faith I blew me away and I cant wait to play the full squeal. both games stuck around with me for a while. The graphics and audio constantly came to mind when talking about what I have played recently. I loved this game even though towards the end I started to get confused I wanna play more.

Ahoy! I played the game you made and I gotta say it was great. I really liked it, it was a lot of fun wandering around the world. I attempted to piece together a story from the in game collectibles but I don't think I got close to anything. Still it was a really cool play and I loved every moment of it!