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Absolutely incredible! The pixel art style melds so well wrenching a sense of nostalgia  from deep within me being. On a less metaphorical note, ProtoDungeon is an amazing game. The mechanics feel smooth and are original. They incorporate the into the puzzles well and its satisfying to use. The music set up this amazing atmosphere that inspires this sense of awe. A wonderful game and I cant wait to see more!

I'm so glad the full game dropped I was super excited to see it release! The demo was fantastic and the full release is even better. Touched up graphics some added cut scenes and new horrors! Looking forward to playing through the rest of this game!

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This game was an amazing experience, the art, the animation, and the music all blended together to create an enriching experience. I left the game wanting to know more about the world I was introduced to. It was a wonderful game from start to finish just the right amount of mystery to keep me searching for answers while keeping me in the loop and playing. Escaped Chasm is a great game that I would encourage anyone to pick up and enjoy.

Dark Veer is a wonderful terrifying experience, the dread that befalls you from everything that you must watch really encourages the feeling on terror. Combine that with an appealing pixel art style and morbid sounds and you get a wonderful fear inducing experience.

What an incredible play, I wish I understood french so I could get the full spectrum from this game. Regardless this game was so well constructed I understood what to do without any instruction at all. The art style is incredible and sets the atmosphere in an incredible way. I would love to see more of this game, you did an amazing job on this. 

So far Devotion has been an amazing play! The use of dialogue from phone calls to introduce the story line is welcoming! The atmosphere is made to shake the player to the core and each step makes my hair stand more on end! A terrifying experience that I would greatly recommend!

Waited a long time for this gem, One of my favorite horror series has resurfaced. This game is amazing, the art style, the sound design and the story are all bone chilling. The Second game is a set above the original and the demo. Its surpassed all of my expectations, Airdorf has done it again making an incredible interactive nightmare that sticks with you as you lay there in bed. Good luck getting to sleep with pleasant dreams tonight! 

This was absolutely amazing, the art and the music were so touching! I wish there was more story I want to know more about Osmond and his little one. I love your pixel art and the way you present your worlds I am a big fan great job. If anyone is looking for a short sweet and heart warming game, DOWNLOAD and play this game.

Will the song that played in the trailer be included in the full release? When I heard the track it seemed strangely familiar but I couldn't tell where I could have heard it from?

The new textures look really nice.


A great friend of mine and I did a video over this game and we plan to do a series over it. Even though its in pre-alpha there's so much to this game A massive open world, plenty of quests and lots to explore. I hope you are continuing to develop this because it has tons of potential. If you wanna check out our first episode its linked right here


I figured I would lend a hand.

The ER was a great game, The art style and sound choice really set the atmosphere. The art style was easily recognizable and set it apart for everything else. I love the hand-drawn look, The quietness of this place really sets the unease. Personally, I think the characters arms are missing for a reason. Imagine if you will being in a completely strange place only to wander around lost. You couldn't open any doors with handles making the area you wander limited. Almost as if something is toying with you forcing you into a play area. Not having arms is truly terrifying, that may be a long shot but that has to be the scariest thing I found during my play-through.

Neon Blight is an amazing game, with an epic pixel art style that's easily recognizable. This pre-alpha shows so much potential and I cant wait for the next major update. The creator has done an amazing job. If you would like to catch my game play or my interview with the dev. catch a link below!

I have sent you an email, if you could give it a look, That would be amazing. Thank you for your time and such an amazing game.

An incredibly engaging video art experience. I did a recording of this game and my first playthrough. I didn't know what to expect but left surprised. Should The Stars Have Eyes is an amazing game, that conveys such a powerful amazing experience. Once I started the game I was hit by an emotion that I haven't felt in quite some time, The message this conveys is so powerful. After the recording, I couldn't go back in for another playthrough. Not that there was something wrong with the game but the emotion I left with was so strong and heavy I needed to step back and think about all the people in my life that I have helped and how they have helped me. You guys have done such an amazing job, I have no authority or special title that lets me give game suggestions. I'm just some dude on the internet that likes playing video games and making videos. But if you're looking for an amazing emotional game then this is the game for you. Be warned though there WILL be tears.

I'm having trouble playing this game, It keeps giving me multiple error boxes and it asks me to reinstall the game I did so and even re downloaded the game from the site and I am still having trouble. Could someone lend a hand?

This was a really cool game. The monster looked really creepy and its presence was amplified with sound. I found it difficult to track which made the experience all the creepier. The retro classic game boy style was great and makes this stand out. I'm glad I got to play this demo because it makes me excited for the full release. Great job mate!

Heyo, I know I may be a bit late but I couldn't pass up this game and I made a video over me playing it for the first time. This game was amazing and you did such an incredible job with this game. The art style and the sounds really cements the feeling of horror. I may have misread some over the story when explaining the game and if I did I apologize. Anyway you did a great job on this and I look forward to playing an extended version if you ever continue it.


I've waited a while for this and it was worth the wait. Its seems like February is going to be a great day for indie games! I can't wait to see what you've done Airdorf.

What an experience. The art style and the music brought me back to when I was a kid. The puzzles were interesting and a treat to figure out. Although some of the hints were a bit vague, but keeping the play area small helped me figure out the answers. This was a wonderful game and i'm glad I got the chance to play this. I am looking forward to a sequel and seeing the Magickey again.  Best regards mate keep up the good work.

I hope you don't mind but I did a video over your game, IT WAS GREAT! The controls were fluid and really easy, aiming felt smooth and oh so right. Landing a shot on an enemy was quiet rewarding and pairing that with the lunge feature made this game an absolute blast to play. The only issue I came across while playing was the spawn for some the the enemies, they kinda came up fast for me.  i'm not sure if I will return for another play through during recording but this is a game i'm going to keep around for a while. 10/10 Cant wait till see what else you do.


Normally I don't play medical games or games like it, I like to stick to my kitchen that's the bloodiest I get. Regardless of anything tho this game is really good. Great sound and audio clips, Amazing pixel art and animation. Controls that are smooth and a nice placed game that is really easy to learn and play. This was an amazing play and a 10/10 for me. 

It was my pleasure.


Thanks for the comment, they always make my day, I hope you enjoy the video its not the best but I hope to improve.

Interesting story, pleasant  game controls, A lovely recognizable art style. You can find it all here in Ever Bloom. Ever Bloom was a lovely game and I am going to be playing more of it off camera. The thing I enjoyed most was your story, If I would have taken the time to read the notes I would have gotten more, but I really like the story so far and I am going to be keeping an eye out for any updates. You have received a five star rating from me and If you want to check out my live reaction you can find it in the video below at 18:20.

I got a chance to play your game and I have to was freaking great! The black and white color scheme, the hand drawn artwork and the story so far are great. I'm glad I get a chance to type after I get done recording so I make sure to get my point across. I cant wait for this game to be expanded on, its a really cool take on the elevator urban legend and you nailed the way its was presented. Oh and your first puzzle was a bit of a challenge but I'm glad I noticed what I did for the answer. I linked my video below if you would like to see my live reaction it starts around 3:50.


So I got a chance to play your game for my latest treasure chest series its the first game I played. I didn't have another person so my session didn't last that long. From what I did play tho I am happy to see your progress, you have a great foundation here and I cant wait to see where you take this. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Big thanks, but the journey isnt over yet.

I saw your post to tales of the neon sea, and I would like to play your game and if I have your permission I would like to include it in my next treasure chest video. Im a small youtuber only 76 subs, but if anyone is willing to go to such lengths for something they have made I would love to see what they have done.

Its not the best quality video but I wanted to make one none the less, Give this game a try!

Could be alot better but I am always glad to play amazing games made by amazing people.

What an amazing experience, nec[H]roma was a great game for me to play! The characters had so much life the interactions with the items in there house hinted at so much before they talked about it. A great tutorial that didn't feel like a tutorial at all. A story that just pulled me in and at the end  left me wanting to know more. I made a video they may be a bit long but I wanted to make sure I left everything to show this games atmosphere.

And I leave you with one last thing: "Oh, poor Yorick! I used to know him"

I hate that my college budget won't get me a computer that can't play and record this game at the same time comfortably. I saw this game while browsing and the title is what piqued my interest but the art, the sound, and the Easter Eggs inside made it a wonderful experience that surpassed my expectations. I may not be able to record this game enough to justify it but I can say this has to be one of the best games I have played in quite a while. My opinion doesn't matter I'm just some dude online that likes to play video games and make videos. But if you are reading the comments to find out if this game is worth a play, IT IS! I would highly recommend this game to anyone that has a deep respect for creators that put a lot of effort into what they make.  I can't wait to see what else you add, and I will be waiting patiently for the full release.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone and yes I mean EVERYONE in the community for their help. The last few days I have been playing the hell outta this game because I am so dead set on beating the first level. With all the advice and comments I have received I think the next episode of this game will be the last one I do on level one. Again a big thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to post something that has helped me along.

Honestly this has to be one of the most difficult games I have ever played. I'm not upset though. I love the challenge this game give me, I just wish I was better at math. Maybe by the time i'm done with the first level I will be better and negative numbers.

This latest vid has terrible camera quality, and not a lot happens but hey its here. Hopefully next episode I can actually beat the first level.

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I don't know if anyone here is still interested in seeing my progress but I was asked to continue playing Viktor. So I will be continuing, in fact a video is editing right now. The reason I want to make this post is to thank this community for the response ive gotten. Its been life changing to hear from you guys and the feedback I get makes my day. I love making videos for you guys and I hope you enjoy them as well. Expect to see more Viktor as well as other games, from yours truly. ~ Capt.C