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Hey TuomoL! God that game gave me a time rush (or should I say gods, or demigods?)!

I found an odd audio and file bug. It's not game breaking, and I finished my play (PLEASE MAKE MORE!) but I wanted to let you know about it!

The game would keep telling me that it was experiencing a bug and couldn't play the audio for the music in the game. The only time these bugs popped up was after playing the clown game. It only seemed to happen if I beat the game, so I assume it's something to do with the item I would have received for winning. Restarting the game fixed the issue, but put me behind where I was, so saving became an important task. I never got the item. Instead, I finished the game without it.

Since it's said that the clown item changes (or suggested, maybe I'm misunderstanding what the person said, avoiding spoilers) I'll say from what I saw, it's a time passed item I would have received after the 30 minutes marker (I was around 25 minutes to game over) in the evening in the game. I recorded my game play, bug and all, so when I'm done editing, I'll include it!

Amazing game! Sorry, I need to praise it again!

Seriously, make more! I need to see what happens next! The concept you included at the end for a part two or an add on to the game was brilliant! I would play that game, no doubt!

- Maya


Best time crunch game I've played in a while.


The 7 is because the game didn't give the player varieties of evidence. Though the game was very well made, I had to assume who was guilty based off the amount of evidence as well as the incredible lack of evidence for others. Only two suspects and a third that is never discussed. The game also subtly tells the player which evidence is good, which is not, which is evidence towards the actual criminal and which is towards an innocent. There are literally only a handful of pieces of evidence to find, though there maybe more that I didn't see in my gameplay.

There is however, heart throbbing moments and a very well made puzzle in a smooth, well made game with a good plot. If there was more evidence, more paths to pursue, more suspects, or more plot twists/dead ends, I would rate this game a solid 9. There are bugs that require game resets and there are few issues with the plot that keep me from giving a 10.

This is a very good game! PLEASE make more!

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EDIT: I found the bug, I'll fix it today!

Hello Maya, thanks for playing my game! That's really strange, I've played the clown game many times and haven't seen any problems on any of the test that we've had. What music was it referring to? I'll fix it asap.

Yes, this is where the time limits of the month come in. The puzzles and the evidence and interacting with enviroment and more locations and places you can meet the subjects in would be added. The town is expanded and you could meet the said doctor for example that is mentioned in mother's journal. A lot of this had to be left out for time contraints. But if I win you will see a game that has a lot more things and the concept of a time utilized in many ways as underlying theme as I mention in the credits.

Thanks for feedback!