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One Strike review

Was looking at this for a while. Totally got into the mood and style when I saw screenshots.

The graphics are amazing, the animations very nice. Although I wished that the main characters were better visible against the background. Using the the mid color for the faces and sky only may have been wasteful. The outlines help a lot though! I just wonder if the overall visual was a bit easier to read if the background was one tone brighter.

This 2 player mode is addictive. It is a very basic concept of movement but it gives enough possibilities to develop strategic moves. The tension when waiting for your opponents move really fits the overall theme of the game. Good job, you totally deserve this!

The hit animations help motivating for a clear strike. Too much gore for my friend but I loved the reference to Japanese cinema gore in Lone Wolf And Cub style.

We had trouble distinguish a clear win of a session some time. Kind of felt a info screen was missing, sometimes on a rushed round we would almost oversee that the session was over. Also a winning screen, sound etc. might help motivating for the next round and gives the winner opportunity to cheer. Compare Street Fighter II and any other fighting game.

Also sad it did not have music or minimalist sound design to accomplish the stage. The sword hit sound was a bit too much if you ask me. Too loud and deep. I expected a "slice" instead, but this may be me. Please work on the sound, that would add a lot to the atmosphere of this game.

I hope this review was helpful and you find some time to address issues that you find apply.

Here's my game Beat-Up-Boy:

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Thank you so much for the review!

I've tested to background with another tones and the darker one was still the one that made the samurais more visible. About the mid color for the faces, you're right, but this will be resolved after the jam, since i'll continue to develop this one, but this time, with no color limitations :).

I'm so happy you've enjoyed the game! And also happy that you could figure it out what the game was all about and the feeling of playing it.

I agree with you that this game needs a Win Screen or something like that, took note for a future update.

You are right again, the sfxs could be better and we need some music, also noted for a future update.

Thanks so much for the compliments, I won't be updating the game for the this JAM anymore, since i've already started working on new content that won't be ready by the end of the JAM. So, the next steps will be working on a full game with new characters and some other features.

You can follow me for updates at:

Thanks a lot!