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The dialogue is actually doing just that in the new version I'm working on currently, based on Maverik's scrapped idea in Slave_Dialogues. Conversations are randomly generated from a variety of arrays to make every conversation feel pretty different per person, per day, etc. 100% agree on that one and that's the next major feature in the upcoming release.

I could consolidate, and did consider using things like the Maturity Potion instead of Puberty Potion, combining the cum/squirt potions, etc. I may end up doing that, don't want it to be overwhelming or confusing. My philosophy for now is "add the features, trim the fat". I can take out stuff fairly easily later on.

Regarding Pregnancy time, that's just a conflicting preference on my end. Lol. I like breeding games and the "breed slaves for better traits" gameplay (usually with 1-3 day pregnancies max). I made the 7 day after working with the 3 day pregnancy mod as that was way too fast in my opinion, but I wanted to leave the option for it (thus the induction potion). I may revisit this in the future and extend pregnancy times while mixing it up a bit, or have an in-game option that adjusts it, but that's why I shortened it. And depending on how many sexual interactions, Breeding Livestock, some having traits shortening times, etc, I could easily see 8 hitting at once. Look at all you'll be able to sell/jobs you can complete soon! Haha

I really appreciate the feedback, and hope it was enjoyable even if not fully to your tastes!