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I agree with the comment below that the art is definitely the strongest point of the game. I get heavy Blade Runner vibes from it!

I also played in the web-browser version and had some difficulty with the controls as well. Weirdly enough, I had no issues getting long-ranged kills but if a robot was about mid to close range from me, I'd have a lot of trouble actually hitting it. I constantly felt like I had to be aiming more to the left than what was intuitive for me from other 3rd person shooters, so I'm not sure if I should chalk that up to the smaller web-player window or maybe there's room to play with camera angles vs aiming angles? I didn't really feel like I could properly maintain control of the situation if a robot got within attacking distance, since I had trouble aiming and also couldn't get away due to being so slow.

I wanted to replace the laser with a cross-aim, I think most of the problem is caused by that, but now that you are mentioning it; the camera could be offsetted wrong. That would fix also situations on the short range. 

Thank you for the feedback! 😀