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Had a fun time with this game! The fact that having your eyes closed is safety is pretty unique, and the sound design/atmosphere was pretty strong and often left me feeling tense most of the time. From what I could see of the monster too, it had a really neat design that I enjoyed :)

These were some of my pain points while playing the game:

  • Since the main mechanic takes away vision, as a player it conditions me to heavily rely on sound as it's the most reliable sense I have to evaluate my surroundings. Having the tree owl (?) warn me about danger was great for this reason, since it taught me shriek = close your eyes. However, there were times where the monster killed me if I ran into him by chance and there were no warning shrieks, just because I couldn't hear its footsteps if I had my eyes open.
  • I had no clue where I was 90% of the time. I get the impression this was maybe intentional based on some of the game's flavor text, but personally I could've used more landmarks to track my progress and reorient myself after walking around with my eyes closed. It kind of turned my experience more into "let's just wander and hope I stumble into this key" rather than feeling like I was really exploring the space or anything.

I hope that you plan on continuing updating the game though, I thought the concept was super neat and I think it could be a real stand-out game with more iteration on it!

Thank you very much for your feedback !

I totally agree with you about the lack of landmarks. If I could change something, I would add more 3D props (different kind of trees, rocks, roads, maybe vehicles ? a lake ? buildings ?) and I would remake the level design from scratch. Maybe we could take inspiration from the game Slender to make clearly identifiable areas.

We tried to do out  best on the sound design, but I feel like there's room for improvement too.
The "shriek" you heard came from some Watcher trees. They are not dangerous, but they call the Monster when they see you. When you hear the shriek, either the Monster is far away and you have time to flee before it reaches you, or the Monster is nearby and you need to close your eyes quickly. Also, the Monster is wandering in the forest and can still find you by chance, without even hearing the shriek.

Do Blink was made in a few days during a game jam.
At first, we did not plan to update it that much. But the game is still downloaded and played regularly by new people, so maybe it would be worth our time to keep updating it. (I can't promise anything, the original team split a while ago).

Anyway, thank you again for playing, and for taking the time to give us proper feedback :-)

Cheers !