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Hi, Avior, thanks for your feedback.

The question mark issue is really interesting. I did test the game on a windows laptop before releasing, although I suppose it's . Although, now I think back, I do seem to recall that windows used to come up with an error message if you tried to save a document with a punctuation mark in it.

I've just change that particular file name (it's one piece of music that plays at two different points in the game), and I've re-uploaded the game to Itch, so that should hopefully have solve those error messages.

The itch app issue is far more concerning. I have no idea what the issue may be. I'll try reaching out to the team to see if they'll be able to help figure out the problem.

Anyway, thanks very much for playing. As for the lead in regarding the endings, (Mild spoilers from here on) I wanted to make the player feel like they were in control of their actions, give them hope that a happy ending was on the way, and then pull the rug out from under them. As much as it's frustrating to the player, that's ultimately the message the game is trying to give: Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there's just no way of saving yourself.