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Dang, MC really went off to the deep end. I mean, years of isolation as well as an unchanging routine is a one way ticket to insanity, especially whne you're literally in the middle of nowhere. I'm curious what happened to MC, what made him stranded in that place and started to live a life all while driving himself to the brink of insanity, well at this point he was fully into it but still. So curious.

Idk, he seems to have memories of normal life, with the houses and people, I think the radio is interesting how it spoke to him about weird things that seemed to have a story behind them.


Is MC actually a human or is he an alien mimicking a human pattern behavior through the bits and pieces he found?? Honestly I can remember a few parts about the game but I always did have the nagging thought that maybe MC isn't completely human and that's why he's like this. Food for thought!