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The art and sound are by far the strongest aspects of this for me. The story seems interesting, but I didn't get to see enough of it to make a real judgement on it. My major qualms are the fact that the text is so slow and the menu interactions seem inconsistent (some are Esc, hold E or an Y/N confirmation). But what really killed it for me was the investigation mechanics. In both the environmental and contextual scanning investigative modes I was unable to progress for seemingly missing one piece of evidence. I think being able to piece it together with a bit of missing information or some other way to track down the final piece could be really important in not halting the progression of the story due to the inability to press E on the final arbitrary item. This is an aspect I criticize of a lot of these types of games, so maybe it's just a design choice that I disagree with, but I think it could go a long way. Hope you find this useful :)

Thank you for the suggestion, It means a lot to us, we are trying to optimize the game into a new level, just give us some time.