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no, it's just tracking currently. i had considered letting the player retrigger sex scenes, but since a lot of them depend on a whole host of variables (not just pc transform state, but all sorts of other gameplay variables) it would be kind of a mess to actually replicate the sex scene as you saw it.

there uh, is something like a way to revisit any scene in the game though, but it's more of an easter egg/debug option: on the title screen, there's a nearly-invisible pi symbol at the bottom, just to the right of the left margin bar (hitting ctrl+a to select all text will make it show up easier). click on that to get to the debug options, and then click on the EVERY PASSAGE IN THE GAME link. from there you can ctrl+f to the passage title (or character name or w/e else) for any given sex scene, most of which are the same as the text for the sex scene in the sex scene list. but since that doesn't track pc tf state, some things might be different than when you actually triggered that scene ingame