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This tool looks so cool. Just purchased and have two issues I would love fixed (or to find out what I'm doing incorrectly...).

First, zooming seems to only work with mouse wheel? I'm using a track pad on OSX and there's almost no way to sanely zoom this (insane speeds). Hot keys would be appreciated....

Secondly, when I zoom, the pixelation changes to the zoom level instead of holding constant (there also don't seem to be any image resize options?).  And export blows away the current view and puts it at 1:1 -- which is super irksome and I don't even see how to get myself back to a 1:1 view with the controls? (is there a % somewhere?)

Thanks, otherwise, way cool!

You always export at 1:1. All depends of pixelation you set.

If you have a 4 pixelations for H/w and the image is 512x512, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4= 128. So exports at 1:1 to be ready to use, in games or whatever, so you not need to resize, that all people requested so i made in this way.

And yes to zoom only works with mouse wheel sorry.