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Interesting design choices for battles, I also like the dungeon exploration phases where all decisions make sense and you can measure risk v. reward precisely (no "do you open that chest? it may explode... or not"). It would be even better if we could check the character statuses during the choice prompt, as sometimes it's crucial to know if your character has many HP left or not before risking evading a trap (as in Darkest Dungeon, you could show the party status at any time on the HUD; or allow the player to enter the menu to check it, only disabling Save as we are in the middle of a prompt; or you could remap Escape to Cancel the tile exploration, so the player can open the menu, then come back to make his/her decision).

I had one big issue with UI: pressing Escape many times in a row will completely quit the game, without prompting for save or anything. I think I've just lost a good chunk of progression because of this... (Wow, this was actually due to Preme for Windows. I had to deactivate "Double Escape to close window".)

It's also a bit hard to know when exactly you can press ASD to chain moves, but I think you've already received feedback on this.