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UPDATE - lots of views [hundreds] are showing up on all of my asset packages after this item was launched and all my products went on sale, but few purchases, and no ratings from those buyers who have bought them. 

I got one comment posted from a customer on another one of my asset packs, about a month ago, which is great, but in general most of the people around here are hesitant to jump in on any of the items I sell, until there's more clarity from unbiased users/game developers regarding the strengths and weaknesses of my products.

So... I've opted to give a few downloads of this and my other assets & stock media out for free, first come first serve. If you want to review what you download, that'd be helpful but it's not by any means required.

Here is the link. <- just three free copies of each product available here for now.

Note: Even if you do get in on this first, and download one of each of the three products with the provided download links on that page, that counts as three individual asset 'purchases' for purposes of the sale I'm running.

In other words, no potential for extra stuff tacked on like you'd get if you actually buy the three-item bundle which I've got on sale for $1.49. 

I thought that detail needed to be clarified. 

Anyway, thank you all for looking at this content, hopefully some of you will end up finding it useful.