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Can you create gay male characters?


Yea, You can make the world 99% only males, with 1% being ether trans or female


That's great to hear. I can't seem to download and install the game though, I get an error message that says the game is housed on an incompatible website.

What Download link are you trying? Folder or Other Mirrors? And What Browser are you using? I use Chrome and it downloaded fine using Mega Sync.

I tried downloading it through the app and, but the app just goes right to the incompatible third-party website message, and the download just shows as a blank file.

Oh, And I use Google Chrome as my web browser.

That is odd, If you use a VPN, You might disable that while it downloads, Your anti-virus might also be affecting the download, Other than that, I do not know. Hope you get it fixed!