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Does the steam release has a beta option and is it uploaded to steam?

Same problem as Cibili, I can use paypal but it's declining my card,

At the very beginning, Cheshire shows up, Alice falls and mid-fall, game closes with this error message
"An Error has occurred. (ACI Vers
in "room2.asc", line 35
Error: Error running function 'room_FirstLoad':
Error: Null pointer Referenced.

Windowed mode at 1280x800, Direct3D 9, 4x Anti-Aliasing, 20 Mb Sprite cache.
Windows 10, latest version.

At the Enter name screen, just hit Enter to go to the next character and keep the name there. This is done so that the player could rename the different characters if they don't want to use the actual names, Maybe you think Jennifer would be a better name for Mao, well this gives you the option to rename her as you see fit.

They look like Honey Select models to me, Which is a game by Japanese Game Company illusion. (not free)

I get told to talk to the girl under the tree, I talk to her and she walks off to another room, That appears to be locked, I wondered around and got the club unlocked, then found the store, I get told to get the barrel from the warehouse, but I can't for the life of me, find the warehouse

Is there a walkthrough anywhere? I am stuck

Free except you have to pay? Yea ok

10/10, I was really.......Lack of a better term....Confused. I was expecting a heisting single player game and Well Just play the game. It was fun, Nice art style, Very nice, Very Nice voice acting.