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I don’t use Twitter but I made these two with this, So far, Pretty cool, and fun to mess with.

Can’t wait to see what all you do with this game, Loved your flash game to death and Super excited to see what you can do with this game! Best of luck in Developing it!

Sorry, I’m a retard. someone I Followed added this to the wrong list, I went and Commented without checking who uploaded it. >.>

So, YOu added this to your Non-NSFW collection, but it’s NSFW? Just found that odd

That is why You arn’t on any of the Fallen Angel Nor Nun-Ya’s sites, Patreon or even credits for the game, or the Affect3D store, Imma have to hear it from Nun-ya

Don’t steal games and upload, This has been reported, and if need be, I will contact Nun-ya (the creator of this game) to get this removed

If you check under the list, It’ a Name your own price, but you actually have to pay a dollar ( 1$ ) to get the files. So you can’t download for free.

I have it downloaded, Just haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet

haven’t played this game, But having known Alba for a few years (meet them back in like 2018) I can say that They aren’t the type to virus people because they know that it would A, Destroy what fan-base they have (Yea let’s make a game and destroy my fans computers! That’s a smart plan there lol) So I instantly trust this download, As I said I know Alba and I trust Alba.

Awesome! Can’t wait to play the updated version It looks like a good game,

Right off the bat, No Way to close the Task menu, Every fucking thing opens the task menu, Oh A button for a door? Nope How about the task menu that you can’t close instead. The Game runs fine, But being able to close the task menu would be fantastic, Oh and Pushing esc just reopens the task menu? All it does is change the camera to look at her tits.

So far, I can’t even get 5, Between the bullet Sponge enemies and having what seems like 30 on you at once, I tried 5 times and once I managed to get 11 but at that point, Camera clipped the wall and everything disappeared and I died

WOOOOOOOO! Huge Congrats on getting funded! So Proud of you!

Michael, I have sent you an email (from your Youtube business email, Just wanted to post here to let you know it is from me, I do not use Twitter as I’ve had some problems with them in the past, I hope that is ok.

Almost half way there!!!! I am so happy!

Told you, you’d upload it to steam :p <3

Best of luck! Also, I found a bug! I can’t add to my steam wishlist o^o (I am only joking) But Seriously man, Best of luck!

That was mostly it, I have it downloaded but plan on playing it later after breakfast and I take the dog out and such,

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Maybe add an info section, I don’t want to watch a video and ruin the game for myself but Downloading the game just to see what it’s about (like a story, Who am I, Where am I, What is happening?) would be nice before a download.

This game isn’t off of the table, Just focusing on the rescue of mermaids right now, Then will be updating this game, Gilly and I have discussed a few ideas a while back but being a 1 man team (I just help with ideas) It is a slow process.

Best of luck, In Oklahoma myself and So far we still have power, but We were thinking of starting up our generator and just making sure it still works!

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With just the base items, I recreated the FNAf 1 Location in Asset Forge Deluxe. I am super happy with how it turned out! This is the reference I was using,

                                                           Just a simple castle to learn the software, I plan on modeling the inside of the castle

Haven't got the full game yet (Friday when I get paid I will be buying it) But from the beta, I can tell you, that you will probably fall in love with it! It's a fun game! 

Does the steam release has a beta option and is it uploaded to steam?

Same problem as Cibili, I can use paypal but it's declining my card,

At the very beginning, Cheshire shows up, Alice falls and mid-fall, game closes with this error message
"An Error has occurred. (ACI Vers
in "room2.asc", line 35
Error: Error running function 'room_FirstLoad':
Error: Null pointer Referenced.

Windowed mode at 1280x800, Direct3D 9, 4x Anti-Aliasing, 20 Mb Sprite cache.
Windows 10, latest version.

At the Enter name screen, just hit Enter to go to the next character and keep the name there. This is done so that the player could rename the different characters if they don't want to use the actual names, Maybe you think Jennifer would be a better name for Mao, well this gives you the option to rename her as you see fit.

They look like Honey Select models to me, Which is a game by Japanese Game Company illusion. (not free)

I get told to talk to the girl under the tree, I talk to her and she walks off to another room, That appears to be locked, I wondered around and got the club unlocked, then found the store, I get told to get the barrel from the warehouse, but I can't for the life of me, find the warehouse

Is there a walkthrough anywhere? I am stuck

Free except you have to pay? Yea ok

10/10, I was really.......Lack of a better term....Confused. I was expecting a heisting single player game and Well Just play the game. It was fun, Nice art style, Very nice, Very Nice voice acting.