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Andy Arachne

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This version is, Alba moved to a new engine and is slowly progressing with the game, along side Make Me Yours! and comics. So progress is slow, You can check the Patreon for more details!

Just got around to watching the Twitch stream and for Halloween, We need Floaty Head only mode >.>

That is odd, If you use a VPN, You might disable that while it downloads, Your anti-virus might also be affecting the download, Other than that, I do not know. Hope you get it fixed!

What Download link are you trying? Folder or Other Mirrors? And What Browser are you using? I use Chrome and it downloaded fine using Mega Sync.

Yea, You can make the world 99% only males, with 1% being ether trans or female

It is a pretty indept char creator, So you can make femboys, If you enable Trans characters (You can legit have 99% trans with 1% female and males turned off),

Win 10 here, and I will check for a OpenGL Update, The game looks fun as hell!

Won’t run for me, With a GTX 1050, If I set Compatibility Mode to Win 7 and Run as Admin, It works but Legit, 0.0000001 FPS, I had to click I am legal age 9 times before it counted the click, None of the options in the settings menu works. Gonna test out a few more stuff and See if I can find out why, and For Reference, Doom Eternal runs Great on High Graphics on this PC, So I should be able to run this game no problem.

Are you downloading the correct format? If you are choosing the one with the Windows logo beside it, Then you might check your anti-virus, Some Anti-Viruses accidentally flag an innocent EXE and deletes it.

If you want to do custom Colors, Color them in Grey and you can pop the image open in Photoshop or Clip Studio and Custom color them!

Ok Awesome!

on Version 0.5, You can dash through some walls, Would it be possible to add a “re-spawn” button to the options menu, Where if you fall out of bounds, It will spawn you at the entrance to the place? Other than that, I am liking what is being shown so far, Keep up the great work!

If you are up for suggestions, It would kind of be cool if it played like OL vs Cocks of the Dead, Like Instead of Laptop, Dumbell, Paper, It’s Camera, Door and one other.

Hey man, with how the world was, I ain’t gonna fault you for nott updating for a Month, But I will ask for a NSFW FNAF parody game from you, Jokes aside, Both Gifs looks amazing and I can’t wait for the new update!

I don’t use Twitter but I made these two with this, So far, Pretty cool, and fun to mess with.

Can’t wait to see what all you do with this game, Loved your flash game to death and Super excited to see what you can do with this game! Best of luck in Developing it!

Sorry, I’m a retard. someone I Followed added this to the wrong list, I went and Commented without checking who uploaded it. >.>

So, YOu added this to your Non-NSFW collection, but it’s NSFW? Just found that odd

That is why You arn’t on any of the Fallen Angel Nor Nun-Ya’s sites, Patreon or even credits for the game, or the Affect3D store, Imma have to hear it from Nun-ya

Don’t steal games and upload, This has been reported, and if need be, I will contact Nun-ya (the creator of this game) to get this removed

If you check under the list, It’ a Name your own price, but you actually have to pay a dollar ( 1$ ) to get the files. So you can’t download for free.

I have it downloaded, Just haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet

haven’t played this game, But having known Alba for a few years (meet them back in like 2018) I can say that They aren’t the type to virus people because they know that it would A, Destroy what fan-base they have (Yea let’s make a game and destroy my fans computers! That’s a smart plan there lol) So I instantly trust this download, As I said I know Alba and I trust Alba.

Awesome! Can’t wait to play the updated version It looks like a good game,

Subject 113 community · Created a new topic Problems

Right off the bat, No Way to close the Task menu, Every fucking thing opens the task menu, Oh A button for a door? Nope How about the task menu that you can’t close instead. The Game runs fine, But being able to close the task menu would be fantastic, Oh and Pushing esc just reopens the task menu? All it does is change the camera to look at her tits.

So far, I can’t even get 5, Between the bullet Sponge enemies and having what seems like 30 on you at once, I tried 5 times and once I managed to get 11 but at that point, Camera clipped the wall and everything disappeared and I died

Told you, you’d upload it to steam :p <3

This game isn’t off of the table, Just focusing on the rescue of mermaids right now, Then will be updating this game, Gilly and I have discussed a few ideas a while back but being a 1 man team (I just help with ideas) It is a slow process.

Best of luck, In Oklahoma myself and So far we still have power, but We were thinking of starting up our generator and just making sure it still works!