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It's alright! XOBD isn't exactly a timeless story. If you don't know our company it's understandable that it might seem like it must exist for a specific niche. But, in the end, it's for our personal amusement in a way that's meant to not follow through with the hopes of people who follow us. Not only is it a wide margin off from what people had been looking for from this series, we released another game called Lake of Voices which a horror-tragedy where every death is miserable/heartbreaking. A lot of fans of that were asking for a new horror game from us, while others were waiting for that original XOXO Droplets sequel. And XOXO Blood Droplets is what happened; a game where everyone's favorite XOD characters are insane and where dying is entertainment instead of emotional. Tonal whiplash and the unexpected is what we're about, haha. Thanks again for playing the demo. Not everyone is into the same stuff, but we wouldn't get anywhere without people at least giving our games a try. Perhaps Lake of Voices would be more enjoyable for you. The artstyle is much more detailed and the characters are far more down-to-earth.

Deleted 1 year ago

No problem! Thank you. I hope you'll like it :>