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Ohhh, old school shenanigans! I love it! That abhorrent humour mixed with nostalgia really made this for me.

Of course, everything else came together great too! The platforming / puzzle elements (even though I had to wimp out of normal mode to actually beat the demo), the fantastic characters and the way they "talk" (mumble-talk is one of the best things!) and the heartwarming... or heartsearing perhaps... story of one poor guy who doesn't fit in and wants to be somewhere else. Ahhh, it's beautiful!

The backgrounds are delightful too, the level of detail is outstanding, and that's the kind of thing most people barely notice, so I always appreciate it when extra effort goes into that!

I totally didn't get past the fire / boxes screen like I was meant to either, but a win is a win! And I can't wait to see more of Bacon and this awesome game! Keep up the great work =)


Hey Mikey! I'm doing great.  And thank you so much for your video! The difficulty level is quite high, but you did an excellent job!  Your kind words have motivated me so much! I really appreciate it!