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So I tried troubleshooting and can't get either problem listed to replicate in my game. I have all of the mansion upgrades (original game and mine) and end of day is triggering as normal, and pregnancy doesn't seem to be auto-triggering or repeating for me for any of the 5 pregnancy traits.  If you don't mind helping me troubleshoot this issue, I'd appreciate it.

Are you using Strive 5.21 for Version 0.03? I know you said in yours that you were using 5.20 for Pony Mod until you update it.

Do you have any other mods installed along with mine? It may be a conflict.

Do you have the Patreon password entered? I'm wondering if maybe that may be acting funky with the capacity upgrade.

Do you recall if any events, popups, or errors in the error console popped up?

Thanks man, I'll try and help square this out so you may be able to enjoy it too!