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Thanks! Again, mod is definitely still  early days and I haven't gotten to do much playtime on it to test since I upgraded it to game version 5.21 this afternoon, so I appreciate the heads up on the errors. I'll list them in the post for and try to hammer them out over the next day or two (after thanksgiving, probably).

One question for troubleshooting if you don't mind helping, were any of the girls stuck in that "infinite pregnancy" loop on the Breeder Trait Line, or specifically at Breeding Machine? That trait specifically is intended for day-long pregnancies with no recover for the mother at the cost of major stat penalties, but shouldn't be triggering unless she was impregnated and should take a long time to even gain it.

Regarding the text and spelling errors, finishing the dialogue revamp is next up after finishing making it playable again. It's just me writing and coding it all for now, so hopefully I can find and fix those out soon too, I know that can detract from a game.

I hope the errors haven't scared you off completely and you'll be willing to try it out again when I iron out the edges!