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Unfortunately I can't get Reska's happy ending at all since there was no option for me but to give him the explosives. I read on a site i was supposed to click above or below the option (if the alternative didn't appear) so that i hand him the pink crystal instead but sadly it doesn't seem to be working for me. Any idea on how I can fix this?

btw, love the game! i really enjoyed playing it - lol i actually played it nonstop because it was so good ^.^ (rip my sleep schedule)

Hi ExcellentDoughnut4!

Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry to hear you can't seem to unlock Reksa's good ending >< 

The reason could be because you don't have enough affection points. Have you tried following the walkthrough? The link is here: (click and drag your mouse over the white box to see its content).

I hope this could help you to get it and so you can catch up with your rest ^.^-



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Hi SweetChiel!

Thanks for responding! It was my first time playing a game like this - the walkthrough helped a lot aha. I got to experience all 6 endings and man I loved the story. (Reksa's my favourite!) Thanks for you help and for creating this. It must've taken a lot of work and I really did enjoy it.