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A very cute but fun platformer. I like how the characters are silhouettes (it is fun trying to make out what the other animals you're rescuing are), but the backgrounds are detailed. The levels are quite well designed, as are the sound effects. I also like the music; very interesting contrast of high and low notes, along with the percussion really gives it that old-school GameBoy feel.

Some of the hitboxes for the cat seemed a bit odd; I was able to touch one of the saws on the edge and not get hurt. Well, I guess it wasn't a huge issue, since it's good not to lose health, though it might be better if it was more consistent to where your character is.

I really like how the respawn system allows you to start over the same level with the animals you've already rescued. However, upon respawning, I will echo what Sean said on the ratings page and mention that the Rescued counter disappears, leaving only a Health bar in the HUD.

Also, I enjoyed the wall jumping; at times, it seems like the cat simply bounces off the walls with its front paws and that looks cool. I take it that you can also bounce off of thin platforms and even moving platforms if you're precise enough. Because of this, it is quite easy to land on a platform with just the cat's head, making it look like the cat is stuck inside the moving platform. I'm guessing this is to allow for the player to actually wall jump off that moving platform. It definitely does look a little odd, not to mention platforms don't typically have walls associated on them.

Lastly, palette changes are a wonderful thing. All in all, a great jam game.

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! I'll try to respond.

The hitboxes on the saws/orbs/...things are tiny, this was mostly a last-minute decision to tone down the difficulty, and would definitely be changed in a future revision as you're quite right, it looks very odd!

I think the restart feature is an unintended bug, as you're supposed to just re-start the level from scratch with no animals rescued. But I like the idea of checkpointing the ones you have found, so I will try and integrate that on purpose.

The getting stuck in moving platforms bug is definitely unintentional and is a hangover of using the same colliison layer for walls and platforms, I'm also thinking they'd probably be better if they were consistent with the regular platforms and that you could jump up from beneath them rather than hit them.