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I've just found this game. What's the combined edition you speak of?

I’m working on an omnibus edition, primarily for print-on-demand, which combines the SG rules, the booster pack, the plug-in pack and with some of the vehicle rules from Metal Express. Pages are being re-ordered so it makes sense, rather than just stitching the current pdfs together. There’s extra content going in too, including a city setting.

Oh sweet, that's exactly what I'm looking for! Can't wait, thank you.

sounds awesome. You mention that some of the vehicle rules from Metal Express are going in - any particular reason as to why all of the rules aren't going in? Thanks!

it’s mostly the tables not making the cut. I didn’t want the book to be mainly vehicle stuff.

Hmmm, maybe you could perhaps just release a big-book o' tables (pdf) for the game for those of us that like having everything handy? 😁