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Now with working bookmarks!

Thanks HyveMynd! :)

Main Sprawl Goons: Upgraded rules:

Booster Pack out now!

That looks amazing! Great job! I love the sample characters.

Yes, of course! And thanks for the write-up on your blog! :)

Quality hardcopies are also available from Lulu:

Now updated: 

• Some typos fixed

• Some entries improved

• References to He Who Should Not Be Named removed by request

Thanks for the kind words Sam. I tried to make the starting items 'Gibsonian'. Glad you like it!

Enjoyed what you did with Grip and Meltdown in Subway Goons - very neat. When I read it I thought it would make a good cyberpsychosis subsystem for Sprawl Goons. Great job!

I was hoping someone would think that! ;)

Cheers Michael! I'm a graphic designer by trade, so layout is a major factor for me. Stoked you appreciate it! ;) 

Love me some subtle world-building, too.

Thanks Shane. I actually feel that I could have done a lot more with it, particularly after seeing some of the other Goon Jam submissions. Maybe I should expand it a little…

Also, see Sprawl Goons at - my quick cyberpunk hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons one-page RPG for the August Goon Jam. Combine Sprawl Goons with Augmented Reality for a fast and easy dark future roleplaying experience. ;)

Quark Xpress (at work LOL). Same could easily be achieved using Indesign.

First: Thanks!

Second: Sorry dude. Radioactive Goons?

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I'd add this to SPRAWL GOONS for some running-in-the-shadows style shenanigans. I love it!

You created the engine, I just painted the bodywork. Thanks for the jam!

On it.  ;)

Just added Sprawl Goons to the jam page.

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My PDF has been available on DriveThruRPG for some time now, and is available as a hardcopy via Lulu, but I thought I'd give a go. It's currently PWYW.

The Augmented Reality city kit is a 48 page PDF packed full of random tables to use when running cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying games of any stripe. It includes sounds, smells, sights, hackers, street samurai, gangs, hackable assets, vehicles, building details and much more.

Download and enjoy!

I love this game so hard! :)