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Heya! I really like the concept here and the combat is really fun, but I think I got myself into a pretty rough situation at the end. I suggest a few ideas like the dash being able to land on an occupied space if it does enough damage to kill an enemy and maybe being ale to trade your moves for cards. I didn't experiment all that much and I'm sure I missed some things, but I hope the feedback is useful!


Heya CoalFire!

Great to see you playing! I enjoyed a lot watching you play, it actually gave me a lot of feedback about the game.

First, I can see that some mechanics were not explicitly; first of them being the REENGAGE, which could be extremely useful in that last battle because of cards like Sharp Dash and Thunder Smite, which can be cast endless times in a turn. Killing an enemy with Thunder Smite not only teleports you into that position but also allow you to cast that card for free again. Thanks to you, I will definitely add some more information and context into REENGAGE cards.

Also, I can see that you had a problem with long combats and lack of cards in hand, making your turn useless. I also got that same feedback multiple times, and I will probably add more ways to draw cards in long combat and see how that goes!

Another mechanic that also was noticed, probably because I should have given more information about that in game, is the melee attack that you can do. You can damage enemies just like you destroy boxes out of combat, stepping into them. I will make sure to make it more accessible in the next version of the game.

You've also pointed some bugs that I need to fix, like allied slimes not getting the color they should, making that last battle a little confusing; enemies that take longer than they should make a decision and poison cards dealing double damage, when they should deal just 1 health point.

Thank you very much for your coverage, I enjoyed your content! I would love to see you play some more and get deeper into the game once I fix those things!


I only noticed the reengage mechanic while I was editing, but I can see how that would be a game changer in terms of taking out smaller enemies. Good to know there's a melee attack too, never would have guessed that. Let me know when there's an update and I'll give it another go!


Hey there! Any news on an updated version? I'm excited to give it another try!


Yes, the next version will probably be out next week. I've been actually very busy with some research projects this week, and I am also going to take place in the Ludum Dare game jam in the weekend, but after all that, I shall work at the demo again.


Hey there! Still looking forward to the update to give it another go! :)

Hey CoalFire! Sorry for the long delay, I have been busy these past few days, but I can finally say that the Update is done!
You can check the changelog in the post featured on this page. I hope you enjoy this new version of the game!