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It's a "standard TTRPG," so figure a couple of hours - making characters can be as easy as determining the number of dice and jumping in! The story and setting are up to you, but the mechanics are designed to support folx tweaking the system to suit their needs and accommodate any giant, epic, zany sort of storyline. 

It offers a set of "generic" Moves (Get Physical, Influence, Figure It Out, FX, and Fix It) and a set of special abilities to customize characters, but it's open to creativity (Mad Max vibes? Do Drive, Brawl, Shoot, Tough It Out, Navigate, and Ancient Lore! Dragonball? Go for Energy Manipulation, Transformation, Super Speed, Power Up ... whatever works!).

Happy to say more  -  I have updates and a setting I'd love to post, so feel free to holler if you're into it and have any questions (I'd love the excuse to chat about and work on it further!).  Thanks so much for the interest!