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she's slow on purpose because she's tired, then once you get dressed she moves at normal speed.

What I mean i that she will start moving to the left when she gets up and runs into the wall, and whenever I press right, she moves up. I hope its just my computer because I really like this series :3

OH how strange--i've heard of certain keyboard issues happening with rpg maker, it would be weird if the other games worked on the same system and yet this one didn't? my first guess is to try redownloading it maybe?

I did try re-downloading it, but still the same problem, but I believe that it could be the closest thing to solving the issue. Thank you! :)


Hello, I'm back from about... a month, and I am proud to say that this game now works and I can properly control her. Thank you for trying to help me trying to solve the problem! :D