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A few more remarks after playing some more...

Shopping with Lisa introduces 3 extra outfits, but you can only buy 1, if can even afford that, and afterwards they're gone forever. Would be nice if they're added to the outfit list in the mall after that scene, for later purchase.

While i realize this is a lot to ask for, it'd be really great for the game CGs to have variant for blonde hair MC -- it's pretty jarring to see the default hair in the scenes if you're on the bakery route and the images don't match with what your character is supposed to look like. As long as the source pictures have the character on her own layer(s) it shouldn't even take all that much work -- even without it, it took literally 5 minutes to recolor one of existing images with Color and Linear Dodge in the photoshop: (sample) With layers it shouldn't take more than minute or two per picture. Heck, if your artist(s) are too busy, i'd be willing to do it for you, just to see it done :v

Potential issue: some of the track club scenes use "trackperf" variable to determine their outcome. The problem here is, the value of the variable is largely determined by choices during the very first team practice, which doesn't make much sense long-term, and dooms the player to sub-par performance no matter what they do unless they go back literally months in-game to correct that. It'd make much more sense if the trackperf variable was (instead) at least partially determined by club attendance, which currently has zero effect/benefit -- having the variable increase each time the player attends club meeting could lead to more logical outcomes, with systematic effort providing better results.

Event errors (probably fixed by now so putting this last): 

* Violet's 2nd bakery conflict events don't fire because they're scheduled to happen earlier than consultation event controlling the flag which triggers them. Removing daycount check and using "event.happened("bakery_consultation")" fixes it and makes things more flexible

* A number of Violet's dom/sub text messages don't trigger because they require "violetdateflag" which is only set when there's a date pending. The "violetdateflag" check is unnecessary, checking state of "violetrelate" is sufficient.

The outfits that are shown during the mall scene are planned to show up in the regular mall to be bought later, however this has not been added in yet.

We've planned for a long time to add blonde variants to relevant CG scenes, however, this is planned to be done once we have more CG scenes finished in the game.

Track Performance will remain the same as it is now.

First error has already been fixed alongside multiple other event issues.
Second error has now been fixed. (Leftover code from an earlier version)