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Perhaps it's fixed in more recent build (playing 0.37.96) but there's pretty serious bug with the karaoke storyline -- after meeting Jun & crew ("confront them" option) the game advances through subsequent storyline steps each time the option to visit the karaoke place pops up, even if the player picks options which wouldn't allow for it, i.e. choosing "leave" on the initial "go in"/"leave", "leave" on the follow up "sing. $15"/"leave" or "go to room 7" on the "knock on door"/"go to room 7" set of choices.

This can lead to some absurd situations, like the MC suddenly acting as if she's already aware of Jun's profession when they never interacted further than initial meeting, references to scenes which the player never experienced (the bathroom incident) or suddenly getting notification they've reached the end of karaoke storyline when all they did was choose not to visit the place at all a few times to save money.

Perhaps after the "confront them" scene the game should make sure to only advance the karaoke plot counter when the player picks the "knock on door" option, and then on "go in" for subsequent semi-automated visits. Or simpler yet, do it only when the relevant scene was played, as part of that scene's code.

This has not been fixed. Though looking at the code it seems we knew about this at one point, went to fix it and then just stopped before fixing all the other karaoke events outside of the first two.
Thanks for bringing it back up.