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Hey Kapithan, your entry is really great, awesome job. Remember that all names should be redacted.

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Thanks. you mean NUNEZ GUARNERI? Carson? I don't understand

Yes, yes!

Nunez Guarneri is the last name of my daughters, I would like to leave it if there is no problem and Carson is invented.

Hey thanks for clarifying, but the jam rules ask for all the names of persons/names of locations to be redacted, and all the entires so far have followed that requirement. The reason why we are doing this is allowing the players to project their own fictional world and cultural identities into the final game that will be made of all the jam entries. We’d like the setting of the game to be as vague as possible.

Oh sorry, I didn't understand that part. Thanks for clearing it up. I've corrected the image.

No problem, I’m here to help you folks. Thank you. And I really dig your enntry!!!