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It's probably my laptop, but i've noticed that it's really laggy when in the Overworld and the Manor area (i forgot the name but it's not the manor itself) and when it rains (even with animations off) the speed is basically non existant, i have to constantly bring up my menu to see where I am. any tips? aside from me not being a broke hoe and getting a better computer.


Ah yeah! I used to have the issue occasionally with my laptop, when it started acting up what I would do is shut down my laptop, clean it for dust, let it cool off, and then when I turned it back on go immediately to the game. Stuff like cleaning off junk files or closing programs can help some but the most effective ways I found for dealing with a slow computer is to let it cool off and clean it for dust.

Sorry that the rain animation doesn't help, I'm still looking into ways to help make the rain be more friendly to computers that have trouble but it's getting a lot harder to recreate issues like yours ever since I got my new computer, so knowing what does or doesn't help is more difficult.