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Thanks for continuing to bring new content to this great game. I loved the twist and new ending! Keep up the great work. 


P.S. It would be nice to not have your view locked in so close to the bear during the ritual as you will see in the video. It felt like I missed watching something as I could hear the candles burning.

(The below video is a complete walkthrough leading up to the new alternate ending along with roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developers and if you enjoy the video leave a like and subscribe to our channel for more indie horror games)


Thank you for sharing the playthrough! Yes there is actually a cutscene for the ritual, so I will be looking into why it didn't play. Enjoyed "The Voice" once again!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be watching and looking forward to anymore updates or anything new you are working on


With the unique commentary you offer,  you create a nice atmosphere that is very suitable for the game. This remind me a lot SCP. A Voice that unrelated with the gender of the person always find a host and call  all of them "Princess", versus a entity which mimic humans to eat them at the end, versus a demonic entity you summon.