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I just played the demo, and I have to say...super excited for the full release of this game! This voxel graphics are beautiful, the game mechanics are more advanced than I expected (being able to drag objects, full inventory, the ability to pick up and rotate items), and overall I loved the demo! I was a little confused on what exactly I had to do, until I stumbled upon Alex, but I had no idea that Alex was the pyramid lamp. You should definitely add some strong indication that the first thing you're supposed to do when you wake up is talk to Alex, because I had absolutely no idea. I stumbled across a few clues, and was very confused as to what they were supposed to be used for, but I eventually figured it out.

Overall I really enjoyed this demo! It took me a solid 40 minutes to finish (mostly because I stopped to interact with literally everything), which is a lot of playtime for a demo. Really great stuff. Even the little GameSlate game by itself was fun to play. I feel like that could easily be a nostalgic mobile game. Super hyped for the full game if/when it comes out, and I'll be posting a gameplay video soon! :)

Wow! Thanks a lot for your kind words! I am happy that you enjoyed it. :)

I have one more change on the list for Alex, but it didn't make it into the current version for some reason. He is supposed to start talking to you after you wake up (telling you the current time) or after you did not talk to him for a few minutes.
Thank you for this feedback, so I know that something like this would indeed be beneficial for the player. 

And now I am super hyped for your gameplay video! :D