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This seems to "turn down" my sound on MorphOS (can barely hear anything ... so faint) until I restart ... but according to the system the volums is still full :( ...

Also new version seems to still have the flickering issues... but this seems to be solved by simply making the game run windowed

Please fix the audio,

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Sound issue: it's a MorphOS bug, apparently related to its WBRun. Workaround: don't run the game via "launcher" icon (which is nothing but a script that ultimately does a WBRun on one of the real executables) but use the respective _MOS icon directly.

Flickering: again, apparently a MorphOS bug on your system. The game uses TinyGL for rendering on MOS. This includes screen and double/triplebuffer setups. So if anything flickers, then the culprit is there inside TGL.

Also, check out readme and relnotes, if you have further questions.